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Spanish courses in Los Angeles or Wherever you are and Whenever you are free with online Spanish lessons. Enjoy your one on one course for you and feel confident and become fluent at the same time, no matter your current level, if any -Bienvenido/a.
Spanish courses are tailored to you and incorporate your interests, goals and needs. Whether you desire to learn or improve your Spanish.

Spanish teacher Francisco

About me

I am Francisco Gonzalez. I am a language professional, English/Spanish. I have taught Spanish for almost 25 years now, in the following cities:  Los Angeles, Boston, Mexico City, Tijuana and San Francisco BA.  I also got an interpreter-translator certification from Berlitz International. So I know the language in depth. I have been teaching all kinds of learners: business people, travelers, students, people relocating to a new city and culture. I also began teaching online in 2008, we can use it for your course very conveniently and I highly recommend it. In short, you can learn  Spanish, no matter what or where you are.

WATCH A STUDENT THAT WENT FROM BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE IN ONLY 8 MONTHS ( You might have to expand it to turn the audio on )


Here, we talk about the LVI (56) Super Bowl - 2022, she can talk about it in her personal experience and we can even read an article in Spanish (from L.A. Times) with minimum help. She is able to use the past tense with confidence.

Sample of videos for our courses


5 Star Rating, L.A.

Francisco has a great grasp of English-Spanish languages. Since I’m a fairly advanced student, this has really helped me improve my Spanish even more! He is willing to tailor the lesson to your needs. In addition, his attitude is great–you can tell he enjoys what he does and really wants to help you improve your Spanish.

Karen L.
5 Star Rating, SF

Francisco’s onsite and online classes are fun and effective in learning Spanish. I take his classes over Skype, in the library and in cafes and they’re always a good mix of conversation, grammar and reading. I’m learning a lot! Highly recommended.

Audrey M .
5 Star Rating, CA

Francisco’s lessons are genuine in that he shows patience as I attempt to perfect my Spanish. He brings to lessons interesting websites, cultural information, and shows great knowledge in the grammatical aspects of Spanish. I don’t know of anyone else who offers what Francisco does in SF

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