The following chart shows the general command of the language you will achieve after each course.

Each level will take from 3 to 4 or 5 months, depending if it is private lesson, small group or regular group. We will have a written and oral assessment to best place you in one these. And.. Mucha Suerte!

These are based in the average/recommended monthly total lessons duration of 6 hrs of instruction a month. The level number of hours is higher that the monthly related hours because it also includes your time practicing between lessons

These are duration and goals that I have seen are feasible after 20 years + of experience teaching adult learners.

Trivia: being enrolled for 3 or 4 month courses, and attending 50% of the lessons or less will not meet these goals, but twice as long.

Courses general content and objectives

The following  a detailed description of the sills are our objective in my Spanish courses. This is what we expect you to be able to do after you complete a 3 to 4 month course, either private or group instruction



Duration- Group

Duration- Private

Average Command

Beginners 14 mths(40 hrs)3mths(20 hrs)


Beginners 24 mths(40 hrs)3mths(20 hrs)


Basic 1

4 mths(50 hrs)3mths(30 hrs)


Basic 24 mths(50 hrs)3mths(30 hrs)


Intermediate 14 mths(50 hrs)3mths(30 hrs)


Intermediate 24 mths(50 hrs)3mths(30 hrs)


Advanced 14 mths(40 hrs)3mths(25 hrs)


Advanced 24 mths(40 hrs)3mths(25 hrs)


Superior/ Native4 mths(50 hrs)3mths(30 hrs)